About Us



We are Jamie and Ashley. We are two stay-at-home mom-preneurs that have a love for all things kids! If you are anything like us, you would agree that your children's college funds are hung up in their closets..haha! Justttt kidding... Maybe. ( Just dont tell our husbands) ;-) 

Jamie has two little girls,Ashley has two girls and a little man. We met when our oldest girls were just little babies attending a Gymboree class, and as the years passed, our friendship grew stronger. It's so fun having our kids grow up together and being the best of friends! 

Our goal is to provide the latest trends to keep up with the ever growing demands ( and torsos) of all of our children. We are big supporters of small mom or dad made businesses and are so excited to be able to offer them to you guys as well! 

Keep checking back for new awesome goodies that are soon to come! 


Ashley and Jamie