Kickee Pants Pre-Orders and Pre-Sales

Kickee Pants Pre-Orders and Pre-Sales are a final sale. No returns or exchanges are accepted on these items. 

Down Payment Codes:

By choosing to use a down payment code ,you are agreeing to the terms that once the invoice for the remaining balance is sent to you, you will have two weeks to pay the balance. After the two weeks, if there is no contact from the customer, the items go back onto the website and your original down payment is forfeited. We understand that life happens and if you need more time to pay the second half, we are happy to work with you on that but we need to be contacted prior to the two weeks being up. 

There are NO refunds on any orders that used a down payment code and failed to pay the remaining balance. These codes are not to be confused with a discount. Brand new lines CANNOT be discounted for a minimum of 90 days per our contract with Kickee Pants. We offer these down payment options so that our customers do not have to pay the full balance up front until we have the items in hand, hence why they are called a pre-order.