Winter Celebrations 2019 Pre-Order

Kickee Pants Pre-Order for Winter Celebrations 2019
This is a pre-order, NOT a pre-sale! This means that nothing will run out, this is to help us gauge how many of each item we will need to order.
Orders that come in between May 5 - June 4th will arrive in FIRST delivery shipment which is between September 15-October 15 2019.
Orders that come in between June 5th and July 4th will arrive in SECOND delivery shipment which is in October- November 2019.
Down Payment Codes: 
These are non refundable down payments to help you not have to pay the full balance up front. You may choose between 25% down or 50% down at the time of ordering. 
25% down- 25down
50% down- 50down
Remaining balance will be due on September 1st for first delivery and October 1st for second delivery. However, you are more then welcome to make payments between now and then as well.